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Life Is Tough (But So Are You) - Journal

Life Is Tough (But So Are You) - Journal

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A beautiful and inspiring guided journal with writing prompts and exercises to step you through any life curveball, inspired by the bestselling book Life Is Tough (But So Are You).

We all have to deal with tough times, whether illness, grief, divorce, job loss or a mental health crisis. When I was given a shock cancer diagnosis at 31 and had to go through chemo and treatment it was journalling that became my daily ritual that calmed the farm and helped me steady the ship through rough waters.

Journaling is incredibly therapeutic during a tough time but it can be hard to get started. That’s why I’ve created writing prompts, checklists and journalling pages to help you make sense of your feelings, build a kick-arse support team and find ways to cope, while offering support and just the right dose of pick-me-up.

Whether used alone or to accompany the book, this journal is here to hold your hand and remind you that no matter how challenging this chapter of your life is, if you take it page by page, you can get through.

A bit about the author

Briony Benjamin’s story story went global after she documented her journey from cancer diagnosis to recovery in the video 'You Only Get One Life'. This led to her book Life Is Tough (But So Are You) and a passionate drive to help individuals face the toughest times of their lives with more ease and less fear.


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